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RGD - Romanian Grassland Database (EU-RO-008)

The Romanian Grassland Database (RGD) is a vegetation-plot database that aims at collecting all available plot observations (phytosociological relevés) from non-woodland vegetation in Romania, thus complementing the Romanian Forest Database. Thus RGD collects any type of grassland vegetation (wet, mesic, dry, saline, alpine, rocky), but also other vegetation types (heathlands, ruderal and segetal vegetation, mires and aquatic vegetation) except forests and shrublands, from the territory of Romania.

Work on the database started in 2002, and all vegetation plots (relevés) are stored in TURBOVEG program. RGD is a collaborative database within the framework of the Eurasian Dry Grassland Group (EDGG), self-governed by the data contributors, who become members of the RGD Consortium according to the RGD Bylaws. Persons with suitable plot data are invited to join the RGD Consortium.

The RGD data are available to Consortium members for fundamental and applied research in Romania, e.g. vegetation classification, biodiversity patterns and conservation projects. The data of RGD are also contributed to the European Vegetation Archive (EVA) and the global vegetation-plot database “sPlot”, thus making the Romanian Grassland data available for supraregional analyses (with opt-in authorship options for RGD members) while at the same time providing access to these megadatabases to its members.


Foundation: 2002


Custodian: Estzer Ruprecht (Cluj-Napoca, RO;

Deputy Custodian & Database Manager: Kiril Vassilev (Sofia, BG;

Involved from BayCEER: Jürgen Dengler (Bayreuth, DE,

Consortium members (March 2017): 43

Current content (August 2017): 21,685 plots

RGD Map 2017-04-12


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