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Micrometeorology - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Summer School on Fluxes & Turbulence


Summer School 2015Experimental micrometeorology: 12 students from Bayreuth, Braunschweig, and Toronto embarked onto a 12-day field trip...

...to learn about turbulence, surface fluxes, and the eddy covariance technique. As the years before, the field class and summer school was supported by the German Meteorological Service (DWD) by offerring access to their boundary-layer observatory at the Falkenberg site. Students chose and designed field experiments based on their own interests and formed four different teams within three topical areas:

  • Turbulent flows and the Turbulence Kinetic Energy (TKE) budget
  • Eddy covariance footprint and energy balance closure
  • Relaxed Eddy Accumulation techniques

The group stayed at the Youth Hostel in Bad Saarow. Excursions included visits to the Lindenberg Observatory of the German Meteorological Service, the Weather Museum, and a canoe trip in the Spreewald. One of the scientific highlights was the nigttime fog experiment when machine-generated fog was used to visualize motions in and the structure of the weak-wind stable boundary layer. Well done students, we very much enjoyed the time with you in the field! 

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