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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Micrometeorology - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Current Fields of Research

  • Climate range in mid-elevation mountains
    Sarah Holden, Katerina Honzakova, Elena Loos, Johannes Lüers, Nicolas Wagner, Christoph Thomas [Details]

  • Research in East African Tropical Ecosystems (CREATE)
    Laura Ehrnsperger, Christoph Thomas [Details]

  • Fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS) technique
    Christoph Thomas, Lena Pfister, Armin Sigmund, Anita Freundorfer, Karl Lapo, Jannis Huss, Johannes Olesch, Johann Schneider, Mohammad Abdoli, Christoph Thomas [Details]

  • Forest and land-surface Carbon and Water Exchange
    Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel, Johannes Olesch, Kanisios Mukwashi, Christoph Thomas [Details]

  • Submeso-scale motions and stable boundary layers
    Christoph Thomas, Lisa Dirks, Lena Pfister, Karl Lapo, Anita Freundorfer, Tobias Linhardt, Jannis Huss [Details]

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