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Setup of the LOVE project

Setup of the LOVE project


Since May we’re building up the Large eddy Observatory Voitsumra Experiment (LOVE). During the measuring period of more than one month three-dimensional observations of temperature, wind speed and wind direction will be taken with about 4 km of optical fibre. With this LOVE is the so far largest fibre-optical distributed sensing experiment!

LOVE combines a horizontal measuring network on the ground with many horizontal observations:

- a measuring tower of 12 m height

- a flying fibre optics experiment with a tethered balloon (0 – 200 m measuring height)

- a SoDAR RASS (Sound Detection And Ranging + Radio-Acoustic Sounding System; 20 – 240 m measuring height)

- a LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging; 0.25 – 5 km measuring height) and

- a Ceilometer (0.18 – 7 km measuring height).

The data gained with this experiment will be used to understand how the atmospheric boundary layer behaves under stable, weak-wind conditions. The focus lays on the observation of near-surface turbulence, its formation and evolution and its interaction with larger motions.

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