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Micrometeorology - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Wolfgang Babel: Theses supervised

Bachelor's Theses
Tino Schneidewind Changes in precipitation distribution and intensity and their consequences on water balance in the Fichtelgebrige, northern Bavaria

Supervisor: Wolfgang Babel, Christoph Thomas
Lina Bernert (2022) Energy and Carbon fluxes on a agricultural site to be transformed to a photovoltaic power plant

Supervisor: Wolfgang Babel, Christoph Thomas
Anika Leimeister (2022) Mikroklimatische Variabilität in einer Mittelgebirgstallage und deren Auswirkungen auf die Homogenität von Messreihen bei wechselnden Standorten

Supervisor: Wolfgang Babel, Christoph Thomas
Max Stocker (2022) Influence of water surface and bubble bursting on near-surface turbulence in a wind tunnel

Supervisor: Eike Esders, Wolfgang Babel, Christoph Thomas
Franziska Schwab (2021) Auswirkungen der Dürresommer 2018 und 2019 auf den Kohlenstoff- und Wasserhaushalt eines Fichtenwaldes

Supervisor: Wolfgang Babel, Christoph Thomas
Inke Grosche (2020) Trends of Climatological Frost Indices in Different Types of Landscape: a Case Study in Northern Bavaria more

Supervisor: Wolfgang Babel
Leon Steinmeier (2018) Uncertainty of temperature estimates from fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing: Comparison of calibration methods more

Supervisor: Wolfgang Babel, Christoph Thomas
Nicolas Wagner (2016) Veränderung der Frostdynamik an der Wetterstation des Ökologisch Botanischen Garten der Universität Bayreuth more

Supervisor: Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel

Master's Theses
Eva Späte Simulating an extreme heat event in a mid-sized city in Europe with Large Eddy Simulation: investigating the impact of spatial resolution and validation with an observation network

Supervisor: Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel
Ricardo Robledo (2020) Quantitative detection of microplastics, study of their transport and deposition

Supervisor: Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel
Michael Cormann (2020) Application of 15N labelled slurry in a microplot field study: Ammonia volatilization and plot N balance more

Supervisor: Wolfgang Babel
Valentin Heinzelmann (2019) Carbon and energy exchange at a submontane grassland site in an extremely dry year more

Supervisor: Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel
Leila Anna Schuh (2017) Regional climate regulation by different land cover types: comparing homogeneous and heterogeneous structures in agricultural landscapes more

Supervisor: Wolfgang Babel, Thomas Koellner

PhD Theses
Eike Esders (2022) Behaviour of microplastics in a land surface-atmosphere system and structured terrain

The aim of this thesis is it to broaden current knowledge of the transport of micro plastics in the environment. The approach of this thesis can be divided into two phases. In the first phase we measure the suspension and deposition rates of micro plastic particles in a turbulent flow system. These experiments are conducted in a wind tunnel. Important explanatory variables will be altered, like shape, size, surface properties and turbulent characteristics. These findings will provide important parameters for the second phase of this thesis. In the second phase Large-Eddy-Simulations (LES) are conducted. These simulations will provide further insights into the transport of micro plastic particles in a land surface-atmosphere system. This thesis has the potential to enhance our understanding of micro plastic transport and might answer the following questions:

Which micro plastic particles have the highest suspension potential?

Which circumstances lead to high suspension rates?

When do particles deposit?

Where are sources and sinks of micro plastic particles?

Supervisor: Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel
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