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Craig Walton: Curriculum Vitae


Craig Robert Walton

Wissmanstrasse 3, 12049 Berlin-Neukölln, Germany +49 152 0417 6511 (D),

Nationality: Australian

Master of Science (Global Change Ecology)

University of Bayreuth (Bayreuth, Germany)

  •   The science of Climate Change with direct focus on its effects upon Society, (land use,

    economics and politics), Ecology and the Environment. It entails three semesters of

    coursework and one semester writtenThesis.

  •   I have chosen the societal stream of study, which focuses on how the effects of the changing



October 2014 – current

January 2002 to November 2005 November 2013 to July 2014


April 2013 to November 2013 June 2011 to June 2012

global climate directly effect the growing global population, with direct focus on economics, finance and policy with respect to the global environment.

Bachelor of Applied Geology, Bachelor of Environmental Biology.

Curtin University of Technology (Perth, Western Australia)
Two natural science, undergraduate double degrees with an applied, technical focus

German Language Course (until B1)

Berlin Sprache Institut. (Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany)

Founder and Barista – Timişoara, Romania

Wally Ganev's Walkabout Espresso – SC Skip Industries SRL
Founded business in Romania to sell coffee, hot drinks and cakes at festivals and mobile

locations around the city of Timişoara. I was the manager and single employee of the business.

Senior Exploration Geologist

Venturex Resources – Cu, Pb, Zn VMS deposits – Whim Creek/Perth, Western Australia (W.A.)

November 2010 to June 2011


Managing a team of 2 geologists and 2 field assistants in site based and remote field exploration programs, primarily RC and Diamond drilling programs with associated ongoing mapping and interpretation projects. This involved extensive mentoring of the junior geologists .

Alternate Resident Manager role (1 week per swing) to the partially active Whim Creek SX-EW Cu-O extraction plant being operated by contractors. Management of safety of all personnel onsite, including geologists, drill contractors, geophysical, surveying and environmental contractors.

Geological interpretation in Vulcan of multiple orebodies, whilst re-evaluating ongoing drilling programs and further planning or closing off existing orebody models.

Completed an inventory Report (200 page)of known, current and potential orebodies within the four geological districts, ranked potential and planned the following years' drilling schedule according to company requirements.

Project Exploration Geologist

Montezuma Mining Company – Au Project Exploration – Perth/Meekatharra, W.A.

This project involved a complete desktop study of the old Peak Hill gold mining district and surrounding tenement holdings; targeting gold mineralisation.

Complete geological re-interpretation of existing orebodies (in Micromine; with Snowden completing the final models), tenement evaluation and compiling of data of many different ages and modes of exploration, ground truthing and field mapping site-trips and generating and ranking new exploration targets.

Further drilling was not completed upon completion of the study and the project area was sold.


Senior Exploration Geologist in an Archean greenstone belt, targeting Cu-Pb-Zn VMS style mineralisation and accessory Au-Ag mineralisation. This involved four main areas of distinct geology.

July 2007 to November 2010


Project Exploration Geologist

BHPBilliton Iron Ore – Iron Ore – Area C, W.A.

Management of all field responsibilities for a major Project area within BHPBilliton Iron Ore's Area C district. I was responsible for the execution of all field programs within the current mining area and in adjacent orebodies and was responsible for the delivery for accurate geological interpretations (in Vulcan) that were to be used immediate future mine planning.

As this area included currently mined orebodies and those to be mined within the 4-year plan. Involved a high proportion of the exploration activity and was under continued time pressure from Resource Geologists and Engineers for results. I developed an ability to handle multiple (5-6) projects simultaneously.

I was responsible for the safe working of heritage, environmental, surveying, geophysical and earthworks contractors working on various business projects, in the mining viscinity.

Extensive mentoring of Exploration geologists working on accuracy with geological and field interpretations, safety and with high quality report writing.

Prior to the project role I worked as a rig geologist for 1 year, completing drill logging of Diamond and RC drilling, field mapping and geological interpretations.

Mining Geologist

BHPBilliton Iron Ore – Iron Ore – Newman-Mt Whaleback Mine, W.A.

Surface Mine Geology, liaising with Production, Drill and Blast, Survey and Ore Handling / Processing for efficient and effective extraction and processing of High and Low grade ores and assisting with future mine planning in a massive surface mining operation.
Major projects include mapping and remodelling the structurally complex East Pit and forecasting future blast blocks (in Vulcan) and with QAQC issues with ex-pit ore movements.

Management of direct reports and various contractor groups and inter-relations with a vast number of different customers, clients and work colleagues throughout my entire working career in large and small companies,

Being within BHPBilliton's leadership team I completed multiple Professional Leadership courses training me effective personnel management skills and how to delegate tasks and pass on information to others, giving and receiving constructive feedback and negotiating difficult conversations. These courses were essential for my professional development.

Leadership of exploration team conducting remote mineral exploration projects with direct management personnel plus contractor teams,

  • ▪  Creation of a fiscal entity and management process for start-up of business in Romania,

  • ▪  Safety leadership throughout my entire geological career.

  • ▪  A strong work ethic in the fast and thorough completion of jobs and organisational and time

    management abilities to work on multiple projects at the same time.

    • ▪  I have a good combination of geological and environmental knowledge

    • ▪  Conducted many soil sampling, auger, RC and Diamond drilling campaigns with statistical

      evaluation and interpretation of datasets following. I have completed interpretations on geophysical

      data (magnetics, gravity, radar, seismic, gamma etc) and many complete geological interpretations.

      Use of Microsoft Office package including Word for report writing, Excel for analysis and interrogation of exploration datasets and graphical display of various trending and ouputs, Powerpoint and Publisher for presentation and figure creation and use of Access databases.

Extensive use of 3D geological modelling packages (Vulcan and Micromine) and GIS programs (Mapinfo and ArcGIS).

B licence equivalent in Australia (held for 11 years) plus German Driving Licence permit.

January 2006 to July 2007


Mother Tongue - English

Listening Reading Speaking Writing

B1 B1 B1 B1



Communication skills

Organisational / managerial skills

Job-related skills

Computer skills

Driving licence



Other Languges German (learning)


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Richard Moody - Principal Geologist within BHPBilliton Iron Ore, Western Australia +61 409 187 847 or rumoody@westnet.com.au

SteveWood - ExplorationManager,VenturexResources,WesternAustralia
Awaiting updated email contact (please ask me for the updated address if necessary)

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