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Kanisios Mukwashi: Curriculum Vitae

Kanisios Mukwashi: Curriculum Vitae

PhD Student, Micrometeorology, University of Bayreuth

Project period: February 2014 – July 2017

Project title: Investigating climatic factors and land use as main determinants of carbon and turbulent energy fluxes in natural and disturbed Southern African ecosystems

Name of supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christoph K. Thomas

Contact (Host institution)

Thünen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture

Bundesallee 50

38116 Braunschweig


Telephone: +49 531 596-2716

Fax: +49 531 596-2699

Mobile: +4915252719905

Email 1: kanisios.mukwashi@ti.bund.de

Email 2: kanisios.mukwashi@gmail.com




Msc in Tropical Resources Ecology, University of Zimbabwe, January 2007

Bsc Honours Degree in Agriculture, University of Zimbabwe, August 2004


Professional Experience


1. Rangeland Ecologist, Conservation South Africa, December 2012 to 31 August 2013

·      Responsible for conducting research towards restoration of rangelands in the Umzimvubu River Catchment, Eastern Cape province, South Africa; conducting biodiversity and rangeland condition assessments; designing and implementing appropriate grazing models; and engaging local communities and Livestock Extension Officers in appropriate rangeland management practices


2. Conservation Project Manager (Important Bird Areas monitoring project), BirdLife

    Zimbabwe, October 2007 to June 2012

·      Responsible for conservation project management; biodiversity and ornithological research; monitoring of Important Bird Areas; project outreach (Education, Awareness and Networking) and resolving human-bird conflict


3. Ecologist, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, October 2004 to

    September 2007

·      Responsible for conducting wildlife ecological research at Hwange National Park including focus on plant and animal interactions, wildlife habitat assessments, aerial surveys of large mammals; environmental impact assessments; implementing general wildlife management and conservation actions; and ecological data analysis and report writing 




1. Mukwashi K. 2012. Elephants and woody vegetation around water in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. ISBN: 978-3-659-22012-8

2. Mukwashi K., Gandiwa, E., and Kativu, S. 2012. Impact of African elephants on Baikiaea plurijuga woodland around natural and artificial watering points in northern Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. International journal of environmental sciences, Volume 2, No 3. ISSN: 0976 – 4402

3. Mukwashi, K. 2011. Rapid assessment of bird richness and habitat condition in tourist areas of Chizarira National Park, Zimbabwe. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, Volume 13, No.2. ISSN: 1520 5509                                                              

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