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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Micrometeorology - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Wolfgang Babel: Fields of Research

  • Climate range in mid-elevation mountains (1)
    Sarah Holden, Katerina Honzakova, Elena Loos, Johannes Lüers, Tino Schneidewind, Nicolas Wagner, Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel [Details]

  • Forest and land-surface Carbon and Water Exchange (3)
    Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel, Johannes Olesch, Kanisios Mukwashi, Christoph Thomas [Details]

Fields of Research from other divisions

Former Fields of Research

  • Tibet Plateau Research (Tibet Plateau Research)
    Wolfgang Babel, Tobias Biermann, Tobias Gerken, Johannes Olesch, Stefan Metzger, Daniela Pfab, Thomas Leipold, Jürgen Leonbacher, Kathrin Fuchs, Degang Zhou, Kenji Tanaka, Thomas Foken, Kun Yang, Yaoming Ma [Details]

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