Doctoral Qualification Catalogue

The transferable skills listed in the attachment of the BayNAT regulations serve as a guideline from which the doctoral students together with their mentors will select an individual training programme. The validation of the activities with credit points (CP) will be handled for every individual case with respect to the required effort according to the Guidelines of the Conference of the Ministers of Education. In total you need to acquire at least 30 CP during your three year doctoral thesis project.

research and soft skills
CP-validation of single achievement
minimum of  aquirable
maximum of
creditable CP
Research plan 4 4 4
written work report or presentation in a research seminar 2 4 6
participation in a research seminar 2 per semester 6 12
courses, lectures, block courses and practical training for specific methods 1 per SWS 4 12
participation in summer schools, training courses for methods 1 per course 0 4
oral presentations at conferences 2 0 6
poster presentations at conferences 1 0 6
writing and submission of manuscripts (as first author) 4 per manuscript 0 8
„soft skills“ course 1 per SWS 2 6
stay abroad 5 per month 0 10
participation in preparation and organisation of field experiments 1 per week 0 3
participation in teaching 1 per SWS 0 4
further achievements (in agreement with steering committee) n.s. 0 n.s.


CP: credit point
SWS: hours weekly during the semester

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