Structure of the Doctoral Programme

The doctoral studies can be started at any time. The doctoral student is supported by three mentors who guide the scientific work, give advice on the individual academic training programme, and help to introduce the candidate to the scientific community.

Within the first six months of the doctoral studies the candidate drafts a research plan which serves as an outline of the thesis project. During the course of the doctoral studies the candidate annually reports about the progress of his or her research project. The scientific work within the research project is the principal item of the doctoral education.

The research work is complemented by an individual training programme which is adapted to the individual skills and needs of the candidate as well as to the demands of the doctoral project. By actively participating in courses of the accompanying programme the candidate gains at least 30 credit points which are required for admission to the doctoral examination procedure.

The doctoral programme is meant to support the young scientists’ ability to do independent research work, to improve their skills in scientific communication, and to enable them to take over responsible positions in education, science, industry, and society.

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