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Exercise course/Seminar: Scientific Writing (M10) (74036)

WS 2012/2013

Anke Jentsch

S/Exercise course, 1 ECTS

The course Scientific writing is offered in several forms for different levels of writing.

Level 1: Scientific Writing for students, is a beginner course and will be offered as a block course, dates t.b.a.

Will likely take place in the WS 2012/2013 AND SS 2013

Level 2: Basic Scientific Writing, is a course only offered for so-called "data set holders" i.e. people who are taking part in the La Palma course, those currently doing a master thesis, or anyone who is currently working with a data set. This course will begin on La Palma, those interested in joining sessions in Bayreuth (with own data set) are welcome. Dates will be arranged block wise. Please contact Prof. Jentsch if you are interested (ca. March /April 2013).

Level 3: Advanced Scientific Writing, is a weekly meeting to discuss current, complete manuscripts with the aim of providing feedback. Please ensure that you read the manuscript if you wish to attend a certain session. If you are interested in attending, please contact Dr. Jürgen Kreyling as you will need to join the mailing list.

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