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Mikrometeorologie - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Seminar: Mikrometeorologisches und atmosphärenchemisches Seminar (28004)

WS 2019/2020
Mo.: 16:15-17:45, S21

Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel

Seminar for staff members, postdocs, PhD candidates and students of the groups of Micrometeorology and Atmospheric Chemistry

Scedule (to be continued)

Date Topic Lecturer
21.10.2019 ---  
28.10.2019 M. Sc. final presentation: "Urban climate - just warm streets and cool parks? Investigating the variabilities of heat at street-canyon and city-wide scale in Bayreuth" Isabel Spies
04.11.2019 Introduction to Bachelor and Master theses offered Thomas, Babel
11.11.2019 no seminar --
18.11.2019 M. Sc. final presentation: "Carbon and energy exchange in a tropical dry forest in Costa Rica with regard to El-Nino-Southern oscillation dynamics" Elena Loos
25.11.2019 M. Sc. proposal Tobias Linhardt
02.12.2019 Presentation of the MM group's contribution the AMS fall meeting Antonia Fritz, Karl Lapo, Lena Pfister
09.12.2019 Presentation M.Sc. Thesis at University of Warsaw: "Role of atmospheric deposition of heavy metals as a contamination source for urban green on the example of Żwirki i Wigury Linden Trees Alley in Warsaw" Marta Sokolnik


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