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Micrometeorology - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Panguana (Puerto Inca Province, Peru)

Automatic weather station, Meter MA-4100 (255 m a.s.l.)

Data and graphics

Parameters are recorded as 5 minute averages or sums. Online diagrams will be updated every 2 hours.

Parameter Graphics
Air temperature and humidity 5 days 30 days
Precipitation air pressure 5 days 30 days
Radiation and lightning detection 5 days 30 days
Wind speed and direction 5 days 30 days


At a glance

Station description

Operating since 13. September 2019
Type Automatic weather station
Location clearing in a lowland tropical rainforest
Coordinates 9.6137° S, 74.9356° W
Further information AWS mounted at a tower at 10m height a.g.l.


This station was installed to complement and contrast our microclimate network in Upper Franconia, Germany. For its site Panguana, a biological research station and conservation area in the lowland rainforest of Peru, it is a valuable addition to the existing instrument set-up. As being the group's only station located in the tropics it contrasts with our westerly-driven, temperate zone sites in a geographic as well as in a climatic sense: According to Köppen-Geiger, its climate is defined as fully humid equatorial (Af), even if there is already a pronounced seasonality in monthly precipitation sums, with a distinct drier period from April through September. Due to the proximity to the Intertropical Convergence Zone the location shows predominantly weak wind conditions, and, in contrast to the situation in our latitudes, sporadic strong wind events are forced solely by convection. Therefore the site represents a valuable extension with respect to our research focal area of the weak-wind boundary layer.

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