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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Micrometeorology - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Running Master Thesis

Laura EhrnspergerExperimental evaluation of the significance of the pressure transport term to the TKE budget across forests of different architecture >> more...
Tobias WunderCharacterizing the weak-wind flow and mixing processes in the sub-canopy of the Waldstein spruce forest >> more...
Leila Anna SchuhRegional climate regulation by different land cover types: Comparing agricultural dispositions, utilising micrometeorological modelling and remote sensing products
Katerina HonzakovaBreathing of a mountain valley - Regional temperature and air flow analysis, H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon, USA
Anita FreundorferCharakteristika der bodennahen Luftströmung und der turbulenten Flüsse im atmosphärischen Schwachwindregime in Abhängigkeit der Oberflächenbeschaffenheit