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Micrometeorology - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Climate range in mid-elevation mountains


From 06/2016

Field of research manager: Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel
Staff: Sarah Holden, Katerina Honzakova, Elena Loos, Johannes Lüers, Tino Schneidewind, Nicolas Wagner

We investigate the changing local climate in mid-elevation mountains. The change in these regions can be different from that in flat or alpine terrain due to small differences in the relief and topographie such as slope angle, exposure, land cover, depth of valleys and ridges, und elevation. Valley inversions, katabatic-anabatic flow systems, and water bodies may play a vital role in shaping the local face of climate change and hence impact the transport of heat, water, and trace and greenhouse gases. 

Currentlz we conduct research in two areas: the Fichtelgebrige mountains in Germany with three observational locations (Waldstein, Voitsumra, and Schneeberg summit), and the HJAndrews Experimental Forest LTER in the Pacific Northwest in the Western US.

Methods include observational techniques such as sensor networks and ground-based acoustic remote sensing, and computer-aided modelling using statistical and process models. 

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