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Lecture series in Ecology and Environmental Research SS 2015

Thursday 12:00-13:30 H6, Geo

Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen
Professorship of Ecological Services, University of Bayreuth and Institute of Ecological Economics and World Trade, University of Hannover (Homepage)
Thursday, 16.07.2015 16:00-17:00 H8, Geo

Ecosystem Services and Livelihoods in Tropical Mountains

Tropical mountain ecosystems provide various ecosystem services of critical importance to human communities but they are home to human communities that are dependent on subsistent and semi-subsistent agriculture for their livelihoods, especially food poverty. This presentation will (i) review the contribution of ecosystem services to livelihoods of tropical mountain residents, (ii) summarize the interactions with lowland communities which lead to the justification of payments and rewards for ecosystem services (PES), and (iii) examine how PES can contribute to improving the livelihoods of mountain residents. Given the heterogeneity of mountain residents, this would help design pro-poor PES programs primarily aimed at maintaining or improving the provision of ecosystem services.

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