The BayCEER Colloquium is an interdisciplinary platform for students, scientists and interested citizens: Usually lectures are held weekly (during the lecture period) in the field of ecology and environmental sciences, which can then be discussed in plenary and in a relaxed atmosphere during the post-colloquium. You are welcome to bring your own lunch (brown bag lunch).

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Dr. Hannah Schneider
Centre for Crop Systems Analysis, Wageningen University (Homepage)
Thursday, 10.11.2022

Root Phenotypes for Crop Improvement

The functional role and genetic control of many root anatomical and architectural traits are poorly understood. My group’s research focuses on characterizing root anatomical and architectural traits for enhanced stress tolerance and identifying genetic mechanisms controlling the expression of root traits. For example, we have identified genes controlling root growth angle and root cortical aerenchyma formation using forward and reverse genetics and have demonstrated the functional utility of these traits for nutrient and water capture. In this presentation, I will discuss several examples of root phenotypes, their function, and genetic control including multiseriate cortical sclerenchyma, root cortical aerenchyma, and root plasticity. We integrate phenomic, genomic, and in silico technologies to characterize root traits and genes associated with their expression that enhance plant productivity and abiotic stress tolerance. The identification of genes and functional phenotypes of root traits will facilitate efforts for the development of novel nutrient and water efficient crop varieties.

*** invited by Dr. Mutez Ahmed, Soil Physics

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