Stefan DötterlPD Dr.

Stefan Dötterl

Phone: +43-662-80445527
Room: Universität Salzburg
e-Mail: stefan.doetterl(at)

Department of Plant Systematics

Research fields:

  • Plant-pollinator interactions
  • Evolution of flower advertisement
  • Importance of flower scent and colour for attracting generalist as well as specialist pollinators
EurekAlert (October 2011)

Pterygodium cooperi


(Author: Richard Hund, photo: Kim Steiner)



BBC Earth News (June 2009)
BBC Blatt mit Mottenspuren
The plant that pretends to be ill
Matt Walker)

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Th. 2021-01-28
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Th. 2021-04-15
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Th. 2021-02-11
Online-Veranstaltung: Mit dem Kanu durch den Regenwald. Eine Expedition in die Überschwemmungswälder Süd-Venezuelas
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