Guido L.B. Wiesenberg: Projects

  • Linking nutrient cycles, land use and biodiversity along an elevation gradient on Mt. Kilimanjaro (DFG KU 1184/20
    FOR 1246)

    Guido L.B. Wiesenberg, Bruno Glaser, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

Completed Projects

  • Rhizodeposition is the main source of carbon and energy for nutrient mobilization in subsoil (DFG KU 1184/21
    FOR 1320)

    Silke Hafner, Guido L.B. Wiesenberg, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Quantification of postsedimentary root-derived C in loess using molecular proxies for the improvement of paleoenvironmental reconstructions (DFG WI2810/10-1)
    Martina Gocke, Yakov Kuzyakov, Guido L.B. Wiesenberg [Details]

  • Lifestyle assessment of GDGT source organisms via root systems (DAAD 54366179)
    Martina Gocke, Guido L.B. Wiesenberg [Details]

  • Lipid and PAH composition as indicators for conditions of thermal degradation (DFG WI 2810/9-1)
    Guido L.B. Wiesenberg [Details]

  • Influence of water on preservation of lipids in soils (DAAD 50022145)
    Martina Gocke, Christine Hellerström, Guido L.B. Wiesenberg [Details]

Projects from other divisions

Completed Projects

  • Use of rhizoliths for paleoenvironmental reconstructions (DFG WI2810/10-1)
    Martina Gocke, Guido L.B. Wiesenberg [Details]

  • Linking nutrient cycles, land use and biodiversity along an altitudinal gradient at Mt. Kilimanjaro (KiLi SP 3)
    Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Ralf Kiese, Yakov Kuzyakov, Salim M. S. Maliondo, Guido L.B. Wiesenberg, Bruno Glaser [Details]

  • Modifications of lipid composition and lipid isotopy in plants and soils under elevated atmospheroc CO2 concentration (FACE) (DFG WI 2810/4-1)
    Guido L.B. Wiesenberg [Details]

Upcoming ...
Th. 2021-05-20
Dialogforum Wasserkontroversen: Podium diskutiert zu Niedrigwasser
BayCEER Colloquium:
Th. 2021-05-20
Investigating communal pathogen defense and its role in social evolution
Th. 2021-05-27
Tracking pesticide turnover in soils with stable isotope tracers
Th. 2021-06-10
Composition and Sources of (Secondary) Organic Aerosols in the Atmosphere: Past, Present and Future
Th. 2021-06-17
Mineral surfaces and organic matter accrual in soils
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