Bardouki, H; da Rosa, MB; Mihalopoulos, N; Palm, W; Zetzsch, C: Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) and methanesulfinate (MSI-) by OH radicals in aqueous medium., Atmospheric Environment, 36, 4627-4634 (2002)
Kinetics and product distribution of the reaction of DMSO and methanesulfinate (MSI-) with OH radicals and H2O2 in the aq. phase are reported in this work. DMSO is found to be very stable in pure water or in solns. contg. H2O2. On the other hand, it reacts very rapidly (k=4.5109 M-1 s-1) with OH radicals. MSI- has been identified as the main intermediate product, while methanesulfonate (MS-) and sulfate were the final products due to the very fast reaction of MSI- with OH radicals (k=1.21010 M-1 s-1). MS- has been identified as the major end product (yield higher than 95%) of both DMSO and MSI- reactions by OH radicals in aq. solns. The potential implications of these reactions for the biogenic sulfur cycle in the atm. are presented and discussed.
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