Ecoinformatics Portal Bayreuth

Vegetation-plot databases - powerful tools for ecological research

The "Ecoinformatics" portal provides access to the various research activities of BayCEER in the wider field of ecoinformatics. They are mainly conducted by PD Dr. Jürgen Dengler from the Plant Ecology Group.

The activities mainly concern vegetation-plot databases, one of the most powerful sources of information in the field of ecoinformatics. Jürgen Dengler has been one of the key players in advancing the establishment and use of such databases during the past 1.5 decades, nationally and internationally.

The portal is divided into the points

  • About: Background on vegetation-plot data and their unique qualities
  • Megadatabases: Big databases that provide metadata on vegetation-plot database or aggregate them into a coherent database
  • Vegetation databases: Vegetation-plot databases with involvement of J. Dengler
  • GrassPlot: Database of high-quality data of scale-dependent phytodiversity in Palaearctic grasslands
  • Tools: Ecoinformatics tools to use and analyse large vegetation-plot databases
  • Projects: Research projects using vegetation-plot databases with involvement of J. Dengler
  • Publications: Publications by J. Dengler and his team on this topic


Contact: PD Dr. Jürgen Dengler, Plant Ecology, University of Bayreuth, E-mail:


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