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GrassPlot - Database of multi-scale plant diversity in Palaearctic grasslands (EU-00-003)


The database started as a repository for the data collected at the Research Expeditions/Field Workshops of the Eurasian Dry Grassland Group (EDGG) and similar multi-scale sampling schemes. It formerly was named  "Database Species-Area Relationships in Palaearctic Grasslands".

Meanwhile we are looking for all high-quality phytodiversity data sampled on plots of the following standard areas: 0.0001 m², 0.001 or 0.0009 m², 0.01 m², 0.1 or 0.09 m², 1 m², 10 or 9 m², 100 m², and 1000 or 900 m². We preferentially include nested-plot multi-scale data, but we also take data for single grain sizes, provided they were carefully sampled with the aim of complete species lists, i.e. we request that plots have been precisely delimited in the field, usually with metal pins in the corners and a measuring tape on the perimeter, which typically is not the case for conventional phytosociological relevés. Nested-plot data with at least four different plot sizes are also accepted when plot sizes deviate from our standards. Any type of grassland s.l. from the whole Palaearctic biogeographic realm (Europe, North Africa, West, Central and North Asia). Data of vascular plants and/or terricolous non-vascular plants (bryophytes, lichens and macroalgae) can be provided. While you can provide in the easy-most case just richness counts per plot (together with metadata, such as plot size, coordinates, grassland type), even more valuable are data with species composition and potentially cover + selected environmental data. For more details on our requirements, see here...

GrassPlot as a highly selective database for specific purposes complements the existing "all-purpose" supranational databases European Vegetation Archive (EVA) and "sPlot" with which we collaborate. If you have data meeting these criteria, agree with the Bylaws (see below) and wish to join the GrassPlot Consortium with your data, please contact Idoia Biurrun (see below).

Foundation: 2010



Custodian: Jürgen Dengler (Wädenswil, CH; − Deputy Custodian & database manager: Idoia Biurrun (Bilbao, ES;

Other members of the Governing Board 2017-2019: Timo Conradi (DE), Iwona Dembicz (PL), Riccardo Guarino (IT) and Alireza Naqinezhad (IR)

More details about history and content of GrassPlot...


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