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Disturbance Ecology

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Vanessa Vetter: Publications

Vetter, V; Kreyling, J; Dengler, J; Apostolova, I; Arfin-Khan, M; Berauer, B; Berwaers, S; De Boeck, HJ; Nijs, I; Schuchardt, M; Sopotlieva, D; von Gillhausen, P; Wilfahrt, P; Zimmermann, M; Jentsch, A: Invader presence disrupts the stabilizing effect of richness in plant community recovery after drought, Global Change Biology, 26(6), 3539-3551 (2020), doi:10.1111/gcb.15025
Vetter, V; Walter, J; Wilfahrt, P; Buhk, C; Braun, M; Clemens, S; Dinkel, E; Dubbert, M; Schramm, A; Wegener, F; Werner, C; Jentsch, A: Invasion windows for a global legume invader are revealed after joint examination of abiotic and biotic filters, Plant Biology, 21(5), 832-843 (2019), doi:10.1111/plb.12987 -- Details
Walentowitz, A; Irl, S; Rodríguez, A J A; Palomares-Martínez, A; Vetter, V; Zennaro, Barbara; Medina, F M; Beierkuhnlein, C: Graminoid Invasion in an Insular Endemism Hotspot and Its Protected Areas, Diversity, 11(10), 192 (2019), doi:10.3390/d11100192 -- Details
Arfin Khan, MAS; Vetter, V; Reshi, Zafer A; Dar, Parvaiz A; Jentsch, A: Factors influencing seedling emergence of three global invaders in greenhouses representing major eco-regions of the world, Plant Biology, 20, 610-618 (2018) [Link] -- Details
Vetter, V; Tjaden, N; Jaeschke, A; Buhk, C; Wahl, V; Wasowicz, P; Jentsch, A: Invasion of a Legume Ecosystem Engineer in a Cold Biome Alters Plant Biodiversity, Frontiers in Plant Science, 9(715), 1-12 (2018), doi:10.3389/fpls.2018.00715
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