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SusSpoSym | Sustainable Sports Symposium

24.-26.09.2023 - University of Bayreuth

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Keynotes of the SusSpoSym

The following keynote speakers have been confirmed.


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Dr. Elvira Kronbichler

Elvira Kronbichler researched the issues of sport, nature and education in the 1980s and also taught about them at the Pädagogische Akademie Salzburg. Together with Fritz Seewald and Stefan Größing, she published the UTB paperback "Sport Ecology - An Introduction to the Sport-Nature Relationship" in 1998, in which she developed her central figure of thought of the "encounter with nature" from practice to theory. With her work, she laid a foundation for what we now call education for sustainable development.


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Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Pierre Ibisch

Professor for Nature Conservation at Hochschule for Sustainable Development Eberswalde
E-Mail: pibisch@hnee.de

Pierre Ibisch is a biologist and professor for "Nature Conservation" at the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde (HNEE). At HNEE, he is also a research professor for "Ecosystem-based Sustainable Development", director of the Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management, and co-director of the Biosphere Reserves Institute. He has a strong experience in international development cooperation, advocates for a socio-ecological transformation of forest management and is, among other things, first author of a textbook on ecosystem-based conceptualization of sustainable development.

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Jennifer Amann

Doctoral Researcher

Jennifer Amann is a Doctoral Researcher transferring to Loughborough University, UK in October. She is a member of the Sport Ecology Group's Graduate Student Mentorship Initiative, and a football fan. Her research focuses on how sport can be used to make complex issues such as climate change and sustainability more tangible and by doing so increase the public’s acceptance for collective climate action. She also researches the potential of football fans to advocate for and drive social change, working closely with practitioners in the field of sport and sustainability.

Moritz Koller

Moritz Koller

Process planning and support for the integration of sustainability in organizations at the VAUDE Academy

Moritz Koller has been part of the team at Vaude Academy since 2022. The complex challenges of our time can only be mastered through a trusting and effective culture of togetherness. This is what makes truly sustainable business possible in the first place. In recent years, as an independent consultant, he has designed processes in which he dives deep below the surface of the water together with the participants. Here, with a systemic view, he creates spaces that can open up new perspectives and alternative options for action.


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Important note!
Photos and/or film recordings (including sound) will be made of this event and will also be published. If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, you can contact the photographer or cameraman directly.

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