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SusSpoSym | Sustainable Sports Symposium

24.-26.09.2023 - University of Bayreuth

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Sunday, 24.09.2023

TimeH18 (NW II)Workshops (H20/S80/S82)

Meeting of the think tank sportainable (Location: K-Sport / BaySpo)


Check-In for Symposium Participants


Public lecture/KeynoteDr. Elvira KronbichlerSport und Natur - eine ambivalente Beziehung. Von Brandstiftern und Feuerlöschern (german) Room: H18 (NW II)


Social Event (Location: K-Sport / BaySpo) 

Monday, 25.09.2023

TimeH18 (NW II)Workshops (H20/S80/S82)

Wake-Up-Run - recreational loop in and through nature (5-6km) Meeting point: in front of the BaySpo


Check-In with Welcome Coffee (H18 / NW II)


Welcome: Prof. Dr. Susanne Tittlbach and Thomas Ebersberger
Room: H18 (NW II)


Keynote: Jennifer Amann
Good intentions are only half the story - How to engage the public on sustainability and climate change (english) Raum: H18 (NW II)


"Talks Monday"

V 1.1: Julia Lohmann et al.: Physical education teacher’s subjective theories about sustainability and education for sustainable development
10:15V 1.2: Manuel Steinbauer: Direct interactions of outdoor sport with ecological systems
10:30V 1.3: Sandy Adam et al.: Environmental sustainability as new institutional logic in German professional football?


11:15V 1.4: Dogukan Özer et al.: Analyzing Travel Patterns of Recreational Football Leagues in Germany: Regional Disparities and League Levels
11:30V 1.5: Sofie Paulus et al.: Outdoor bouldering in the Frankenjura: Concentrating educated visitors or reducing visitor numbers by restricting access to information?
11:45V 1.6: Arne Schwietering et al.: Information sources of recreationist and why they share recommendations which contradict nature conservation concerns
12:00V 1.7: Lilli Schmitt: Enraged landowners and reckless mountainbikers? Conflict perceptions and liability questions in Bavaria


13:45V 1.8: Matthew Campelli et al.: Integrating environmental sustainability in the governance of international sports federations: insights from a multiple case study.

Workshop 1 (H20):
Prof. Dr. Manuel Steinbauer
Betretensrecht im Natursport (german)

Workshop 2 (S80):
Jennifer Amann
Avoiding own goals - climate communication in and through sport (englisch)

14:00V 1.9: Katrin Bauer: Implementing Education for Sustainable Development - Evaluation of a Pilot Project at Elementary Schools in Cologne/Germany
14:15V 1.10: Dominik Edelhoff: From how it is to how it should be - social justice in children’s sports using the capability approach
14:30V 1.11: Johannes Verch: Nachhaltigkeit, Bildung, Bewegung und Sport – eine naturräumliche Perspektive für einen Beitrag zu einer Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung
14:45V 1.12: Frederik Borkenhagen et al.: BNE@ISSW: Wie lassen sich BNE-Ziele und -Themen im sportwissenschaftlichen Studium integrieren?
15:00V 1.13: Christopher Huth et al.: Erwartungen und Verhalten von Golferinnen und Golfern im Kontext Nachhaltigkeit

Poster-Session with Coffee (Foyer-Area)


Keynote: Moritz Koller
The future of the sporting goods industry: sustainability through the EU Green Deal and the importance of a supportive organizational culture (english) Room: H18 (NW II)


Workshop 3 (H20):
Prof. Dr. Manfred Miosga
„Das ist eine Sache für die Profis“ – Wie kann der Profifußball ein Impulsgeber für die gesellschaftliche Transformation zur Nachhaltigkeit sein? (german)

Workshop 4 (S80):
Matthew Campelli (cancelled due to illness)
Enhancing sustainability in sports: Bridging the gap between research and practice (englisch)

Workshop 5 (S82):
Dr. Sabine Hafner
„Won't find me practicing what I'm preaching“: Diskurse zu Handlungspraxen nachhaltiger Schulsport-Entwicklung aus der Perspektive Lehramtsstudierender mit Fach Sport (german)


Closing remarks followed by a walk to the conference dinner (Where: Lamperie Bayreuth)

Tuesday, 26.09.2023

TimeH18 (NW II)Workshops (H20/S80/S82)

Wake-Up-Run - recreation loop in and through nature (5-6km) Meeting point: in front of BaySpo


Check-In mit Kaffee zum Wachwerden


Keynote: Prof. Dr. Pierre L. Ibisch
Concatenated global crises, sustainability as a wicked problem, and why we'd better get to grips with systemics (english) Room: H18 (NW II)


"Talks Tuesday"

V 2.1: Veronika Mitterwallner: The potential of AI and camera trapping for predicting spatiotemporal patterns of humans and wildlife
10:00V 2.2: Fabian Sommer et al.: Bike tire abrasion: Quantifying and modelling the dispersion of microplastics in natural environments
10:15V 2.3: Manuel Sand: What nature does for us and how that helps that we do more for nature. Positive effects of outdoor activities on wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviour.


11:00V 2.4: Karim Abu-Omar et al.: What happens if we make physical activity promotion sustainable?

Workshop 6 (S80):
Matthew Campelli (cancelled due to illness)
Enhancing sustainability in sports: Bridging the gap between research and practice (englisch)

Workshop 7 (H20):
Dr. Barbara Eigenschenk
Education for sustainable development in outdoor sports (englisch)

11:15V 2.5: Sarah Piller et al.: Drivers of Environmental Policies in Swiss Sport Federations: A Multiple Case Study of the Agenda Setting Process
11:30V 2.6: Christian Moesch et al.: Relevance and drivers of sustainability in the sponsorship of major sporting events
11:45V 2.7: Simone Magdolen et al.: Resource consumption of existing sports halls by using the example of the city capital of Munich
12:00V 2.8: Adrian Wirtensohn et al.: Entwicklung des Bewertungssystems Nachhaltiger Sportstättenbau (BNS)

Résumé and farewell (H18, NW II):
Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhn und Prof. Dr. Manuel Steinbauer 


Guided tour through the Ecological-Botanical Garden of the University of Bayreuth

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