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SusSpoSym | Sustainable Sports Symposium

24.-26.09.2023 - University of Bayreuth

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Organizers of the SusSpoSym



Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhn

Initiator and Director Science of the think tank think.sportainable
E-Mail: peter.kuhn@uni-bayreuth.de
For information on the think tank think.sportainable please click here.




Prof. Dr. Manuel Steinbauer

Head of Department of Sports Ecology at University of Bayreuth
E-Mail: manuel.steinbauer@uni-bayreuth.de
For information about the department of sports ecology please click here.


Sophia Moser


Sophia Moser

M.Sc. Sport, Business & Law
E-Mail: sophia.moser@uni-bayreuth.de


GeoSciEd V


Sabrina Breitschwerdt

M.Sc. Sport, Business & Law
E-Mail: sabrina.breitschwerdt@uni-bayreuth.de




Felix Leon Rist

Cand. M.Sc. Sport, Business & Law; additional studies: Sustainability



The Bayreuth Center for Ecology and Environmental Research pools the expertise of a good two dozen working groups in the bio- and geosciences. It creates forums for exchange with authorities, industry and associations.
M.Sc. Aileen Thomas & Dr. Verena Faßold from the head office accompany the SusSpoSym organizationally.

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