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SusSpoSym | Sustainable Sports Symposium

24.-26.09.2023 - University of Bayreuth

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Sustainability as an essential part of the SusSpoSym

The Sustainable Sports Symposium in Bayreuth explores the question of how sports can be transformed to have a sustainable future against the backdrop of climate change, biodiversity loss, resource scarcity and human exploitation.

However, sustainable development should not only be the focus of the conference in terms of content, but also be considered for the organizational framework of the symposium. For this reason, we strive to organize and host the SusSpoSym as sustainably as possible. We will therefore constantly inform you about our sustainability efforts.

Climate protection

We have made it our goal to support climate protection together with our official partner myclimate. Therefore, students of the university are engaged in determining the detailed emissions in all areas related to the event. Following this, we will make an environmental commitment according to our carbon footprint.

In order to obtain detailed emissions data regarding the mobility of all conference participants, we will ask you to complete a short survey on how you travel to and from the conference.

Simply complete the UmweltMobilCheck right now and find out how much CO2 you emit with the respective transport option:

To the car emissions calculator

To the train emissions calculator

To the plain emissions calculator


Other sustainability measures to reduce the environmental impact of the event will be...

1. Waste Reduction
An important area of sustainability efforts is to reduce the amount of waste generated during the event. This will be achieved through the use of recycling programs, the use of reusable tableware as well as not handing out conference utensils.

2. Mobility
Sustainable transportation is also an important aspect of our SusSpoSym. Therefore, we will encourage the use of public transportation to get to and from the event. In addition, all routes in Bayreuth can be managed very well by bus and bike, so we would like to encourage all participants to take advantage of this opportunity.

3. Sustainable Catering
Sustainable catering options are also integrated into SusSpoSym. Here, we rely on the supply of food from the region and focus primarily on catering with vegetarian and vegan options.

4. CO₂ Emissions
The SusSpoSym collaborates with myclimate to calculate the emissions generated, reduce the CO₂ footprint and support effective climate protection measures! As part of this collaboration, three students are given the opportunity to write their final theses in the area of sustainability. The theses will assist in calculating emissions prior to, during, and after the symposium. The collaboration with myclimate and all stakeholders involved will enable the students to identify effective strategies.

5. Education and Public Relations
After all, the whole SusSpoSym represents sustainable development efforts, which is why we want to use the symposium to offer our participants the most sustainable conference experience possible.


The SusSpoSym is supported by:

GeoSciEd V   GeoSciEd V GeoSciEd V


Important note!
Photos and/or film recordings (including sound) will be made of this event and will also be published. If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, you can contact the photographer or cameraman directly.

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