Active Projects

  • TP1 Effects of fine sediment and temperature stress on aquatic communities
    Romy Wild, Jürgen Geist [Details]

  • TP2 Stable Isotopes
    - Indicators of altered flow conditions and biological turnover in hyporheic zones

    David Piatka, Luisa Meiritz, Johannes Barth [Details]

  • TP3 Influence of multiple stressors on N, C and Fe turnover in the hyporheic zone
    Robin Kaule, Silvia Parra Suárez, Stefan Peiffer, Ben Gilfedder [Details]

  • TP4 Forest springs as climate indication systems
    Timothy Smith, Bojan Dordevic, Carl Beierkuhnlein [Details]

  • TP5 Prognosis and analysis of the behavior of small catchment areas in the context of local climate change
    Lisa Kaule, Britta Aufgebauer, Sven Frei [Details]

  • TP6 Climate change in Bavaria: water quality and sustainable agriculture
    Bhumika Uniyal, Thomas Koellner [Details]

  • TP7 implementation and outreach activities
    Katharina Blaurock, Birgit Thies, Stefan Peiffer [Details]

Upcoming ...
Mo. 2022-11-21 now
Verlängert für 2023: Bildungsprojekt "Wasserstrategien im Klimawandel"
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Th. 2023-07-27
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