Expert project support

The work in the joint project is supported by experts with a wide range of expertise. The exchange provides important interfaces into practice. The list is continuously updated (as of July 2022):

Norbert Bäuml, Bavarian Administration for Rural Development, Munich
Soil and water protection in the area, platform boden:ständig

Michael Belau, State Office for the Environment, Department 95 / Hof
Water supply, guest at the 3rd "Wasserkontroversen"

Burkhard Beudert, Nature Conservation and Research, Bavarian Forest National Park Administration, Grafenau
Integrated ecosystem monitoring, hydrology

Dr. Pedro Gerstberger, Plant ecologist, Bayreuth
Nature conservation in peatlands

Silke Geukes, Bavarian League for Nature Conservation, Bayreuth chapter
Environmental education at schools

Isabella Hirsch, Working Group for Rural Agriculture in Franconia e.V.
Political framework conditions in the agricultural sector, guest at the 1st "Wasserkontroversen"

Dr. Anja Jaeschke, State Office for the Environment, Department 55 / Augsburg
Peatland protection in Bavaria

Prof. em. Giselher Kaule, Institute for Landscape Planning and Ecology, University of Stuttgart
Moor protection and moor renaturation

Jan Kerckhoff, Bayerischer Rundfunk
Documentation of the AquaKlif research on the future of streams for TV and radio

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Holger Knorr, Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry, Universität Münster
Guest within the Podcast Moorminuten on wetlands around the world

Dr. Johannes Lüers, Office BUND Nature Conservation Regional Group Bayreuth
Extracurricular nature and environmental education

Klaus Markolf, Stadtwerke Bayreuth
Network management drinking water supply, guest at the 3rd "Wasserkontroversen"

Eva-Barbara Meidl, Government for Lower Franconia, Würzburg
Water ecology alarm plan Main, low water management at surface waters, guest at the 1st "Wasserkontroversen"

Dr. Jana Messinger, Ecological-Botanical Garden, University of Bayreuth
Environmental education, education for sustainable development at extracurricular learning sites

Franz Moder, OPUS - Ecological Planning, Environmental Studies and Service GmbH, Bayreuth
Water development concepts, implementation concepts for the Water Framework Directive

Dr. Martin Mörtl, Water Management Office Hof
Monitoring of water quality, protection of pearl mussels

Dr. Jörg Neumann, State Office for the Environment, Department 92 / Hof
Soil water balance, groundwater quality and recharge

Christiane Odewald, Regierung von Oberfranken, Bayreuth
State and regional planning, guest at the FoRNE-Symposium

Dr. Andreas Peterek, GEOPARK Bavaria-Bohemia
Advanced training for rangers

Markus Rauh, Association Director and Plant Manager Fernwasserversorgung Oberfranken FWO
Water treatment and supply, guest at the 2nd "Wasserkontroversen"

Bernd Rothammel, Climate Protection Management District Bayreuth
Adaptation strategies on regional level

Sebastian Schönauer, Association for Nature Conservation in Bavaria e.V.
Active in BN for many years on groundwater/drinking water protection, guest at the 1st "Wasserkontroversen"

Eva Schubert, regional office LBV, Hiltpoltstein
Spring protection and renaturation, guest at the 2nd "Wasserkontroversen"

Dr. Linda Seifert, Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald
Guest within the Podcast Moorminuten on wetlands in the Bavarian Forest National Park

Dr. Stephanie Thomas, Department of Biogeography, BayCEER / Universität Bayreuth
Guest within the Podcast Moorminuten on wetlands and mosquitoes

Reinhard Wesinger, GeoTeam Gesellschaft für umweltgerechte Land- und Wasserwirtschaft mbH, Bayreuth
Interface agriculture /water protection, guest at the 3rd "Wasserkontroversen"

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