Stable isotopes point the way to future research

Stable isotopes point the way to future research


The GASIR Conference 2023 - the annual meeting of all researchers working with stable isotopes - will take place from September 27-29 at the University of Bayreuth. The conference offers a wide range of topics and, with the Student Isotope Workshop beforehand, exciting options for PhD students.

Stable isotopes offer useful research approaches in many research fields from environmental and life sciences to medicine and forensics. The conference will address these in six topical sessions, and researchers can submit their abstracts by July 21, 2023.

In addition to an intensive and structured introduction to the theoretical foundations, applications and methods of stable isotope research, the workshop in the run-up to the conference offers doctoral and master's students in the final phase individual support in designing their own isotope-based research projects. Participants will be supported in applying for the Stepping Stones funding program of the new DFG Core Facility BayCenSI, which serves to generate initial and free data of innovative research ideas or as preliminary work for own proposals. Master and PhD students can apply for the free workshop until July 1, 2023.

Registration for the conference and application for the workshop:
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Su. 2023-09-24
Sport und Natur – eine ambivalente Beziehung. Von Brandstiftern und Feuerlöschern
Fr. 2023-10-06
Forum Zukunftswald: Biotope im Wald für seltene und bedrohte Arten
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
Su. 2023-09-24
Matinée - Mit dem Blockflötenensemble der Städt. Musikschule Bayreuth
Su. 2023-10-01
Führung | "Wilde Früchtchen: Essbares für Mensch und Tier"
Vortragsreihe "Die dünne Haut der Erde":
We. 2023-10-11
Mikroorganismen im Boden – Abbau von Mikroplastik und anderen Bodenverschmutzungen
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