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Past Agenda "BayCEER Colloquium"

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DateLocationPresenting personTitle
Th. 2014-07-10Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen, Ecological Services, BayCEER, UBTBayCEER Colloquium: Gains and Losses in Ecosystem Services: Tradeoff Perspective versus Efficiency Perspective [Details]
Th. 2014-07-03PD Dr. Johannes Lenhard, Department of Philosophy, Bielefeld UniversityBayCEER Colloquium: Calculated Surprises: On the Philosophy of Computer Simulation [Details]
Th. 2014-06-26Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch, Tierökologie I, Universität BayreuthBayCEER Colloquium: Kunststoffpartikel in aquatischen Ökosystemen [Details]
Th. 2014-06-05Dr. Brendan Choat, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, University of Western Sydney, AustraliaBayCEER Colloquium: The resilience of forests to drought: applying organism scale physiology to global processes. [Details]
Th. 2014-05-22Prof. Dr. Richard Münch, Soziologie II, Universität BambergBayCEER Colloquium: Wissenschaft im Wettbewerb um Exzellenz: Vom homo academicus zum homo oeconomicus? [Details]
Th. 2014-05-15Prof. Dr. Katja Tielbörger, Plant Ecology, Institute of Evolution and Ecology, Universität TübingenBayCEER Colloquium: Plants on the move - the miracle of invasion [Details]
Th. 2014-05-08Dr. Carsten Neßhöver, Conservation Biology / Science-Policy Expert Group, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZBayCEER Colloquium: The science-policy-interface on biodiversity and ecosystem services - national to global challenges [Details]
Th. 2014-04-24Dr. Andreas Hemp, Department of Plant Systematics, UBTBayCEER Colloquium: Kilimanjaro - Berg der Gegensätze [Details]
Th. 2014-04-10Dr. Thorsten Haberzettl, Physical Geography, Friedrich-Schiller-University JenaBayCEER Colloquium: Paleoenvironmental change on the roof of the world [Details]
Th. 2014-01-30Prof. Jiří Kopáček, Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre AS CR, Czech RepublicBayCEER Colloquium: Anthropogenic acidification, recovery, and nutrient cycling in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems [Details]
Th. 2014-01-23PD Dr. Elisabeth Obermaier, Ecological-Botanical Gardens, UBTBayCEER Colloquium: Environmental complexity and land use: Effects on species interactions [Details]
Th. 2014-01-16Prof. Max Häggblom, Dep. of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Rutgers University, USABayCEER Colloquium: New options for biotransformation: Anaerobic Bacteria that Respire Se and As Oxyanions [Details]
Th. 2014-01-09BayCEER MitgliederversammlungBayCEER Colloquium: ...
Th. 2013-12-19Prof. Dr. Frank Sirocko, Climate and Sediment, University of MainzBayCEER Colloquium: Paleoweather: About records of severe winters and flash floods [Details]
Th. 2013-12-12Prof. Dr. Sylvia Mayer, American Studies and Intercultural Anglophone Studies, BIFAS, University of BayreuthBayCEER Colloquium: Literature, Culture, Environment: An Introduction to Ecocriticism [Details]
Th. 2013-12-05Ph.D. Vicky Temperton, IBG-2: Plant Sciences, Forschungszentrum JülichBayCEER Colloquium: Alternative Stable States and Novel Ecosystems [Details]
Mo. 2013-12-02 (16:00)Dr. Johannes Lüers, Abt. Mikrometeorologie, BayCEER, Universität BayreuthBayCEER Colloquium: Konsequenzen der Neubestimmung der Solarkonstante [Details]
Th. 2013-11-28Dr. Christian Rixen, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSLBayCEER Colloquium: Alpine plants in a world of change [Details]
Th. 2013-11-21 (14:00)Audimax- UBT Jahrestag -BayCEER Colloquium: - UBT Jahrestag - [Details]
Th. 2013-11-14Dr. Susana Bernal, Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes, Spanish Research Council (CEAB-CSIC)BayCEER Colloquium: Opening the black-box: the use of experimental catchments to understand ecosystem function and its response to environmental change [Details]
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