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Egbert Matzner: Projects

Completed Projects

  • Phosphorus turnover in forest soils: Effects of drying/rewetting and the role of dissolved organic P (P-Turnover)
    Mai Van Dinh, Marie Spohn, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • DFG-Umverteilung von Wasser im Boden durch das Myzel saprotropher Pilze und die Auswirkungen auf die C-Mineralisation in trockenen Böden (DFG-MA1089/23-1 Wassertransport durch Pilze)
    Alexander Guhr, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Forest Type DOC/CON Dynamics and Exports (DFG-TERRECO Cluster F-04)
    Mi-Hee Lee, Egbert Matzner, Stefan Peiffer, Ji-Hyung Park [Details]

  • Tree species effects on the release of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen from decomposing logs (DFG Totholz-DOC)
    Andreas Bantle, Egbert Matzner, Werner Borken [Details]

  • Gross ammonification, gross nitrification and N net mineralization in temperate forest soils at low temperatures (DFG: Nitrogen mineralization at low temperatures)
    Marianne Schütt, Egbert Matzner, Werner Borken, Florian Stange [Details]

  • Fluxes of dissolved and fine particulate organic matter from terrestrial to aquatic systems in dependence on temperature and precipitation regime (TERRECO WP 2-01)
    Stefan Strohmeier, Egbert Matzner, Ji-Hyung Park [Details]

  • Hydroclimatic controls on the transport of dissolved and particulate organic matter and trace metals in mountainous forested watersheds (TERRECO WP 2-02)
    Hyunju Lee, Ji-Hyung Park, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Binding mechanisms and mobility of arsenic in wetland soils (DFG Arsen)
    Beate Huhle, Egbert Matzner, Christian Blodau [Details]

  • Response of beech saplings to extreme and repeated summer droughts (LWF-2009 KLIP 13)
    Ulrich Zang, Werner Borken, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Operation of the central experimental sites (DFG FOR 562 TP Z (2008-2011))
    Egbert Matzner, Werner Borken, Bernd Huwe [Details]

  • Global climatic change and its effects on the export of nitrate and dissolved organic matter from forested watersheds (LfU 2009/2010)
    Martin Reichert, Egbert Matzner, Jan Fleckenstein, Stefan Peiffer [Details]

  • Response of N turnover, DOC production and soil solution fluxes (DFG FOR 562 TP 6)
    Yao-Te Chen, Andrea Schott, Werner Borken, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Role of dissolved organic nitrogen in the nitrogen cycle of a mountainous forest ecosystem in Taiwan (DFG DON Taiwan)
    Bettina Schmidt, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Dynamic of soil organic matter und element fluxes (DFG FOR 562 TP 4: (2005-2008))
    Kerstin Schulze, Uwe Hell, Bruno Glaser, Andrea Schmitt, Werner Borken, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Installaltion of the central experimental sites (DFG FOR 562 TP Z: (2005-2008))
    Egbert Matzner, Bernd Huwe [Details]

  • Umsatz und Mobilität von Arsenverbindungen in einem bewaldeten Einzugsgebiet (DFG: Arsen)
    Jen-How Huang, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • N-Deposition and root growth in Norway spruce stands (LWF)
    Werner Borken, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Effects of high litterfall amounts on the transport of mineral elements and dissolved organic matter in the soil of a warm temperate montane forest ecosystem in Taiwan (DFG: Taiwan)
    Shih-Chieh Chang, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Carbon-Nitrogen interactions in forest ecosystems (CNTER)
    Björn Berg, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Indikatoren des Stoffhaushalts von Waldökosystemen (BITÖK-A12)
    Werner Borken, Jens Langusch, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Effects of changed litter and water input, of clear cutting and a changing tree species composition on the dynamic of DOC and DON in soils (BITÖK-A11)
    Karsten Kalbitz, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Zeitliche Entwicklung und räumliche Dynamik des Stoffhaushaltes in zwei Einzugsgebieten (BITÖK-A13)
    Gunnar Lischeid, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Umsatz organischer Zinn- und Quecksilberverbindungen in einem bewaldeten Einzugsgebiet (Organo-Metalle)
    Jen-How Huang, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Biodiversity and Ecosytem Functions in Grasslands (BIOLOG)
    Carsten Neßhöver, Guido Kossmann, Thomas Gollan, Egbert Matzner, Carl Beierkuhnlein [Details]

  • Predicting recovery in acidified freshwaters by the year 2010, and beyond (RECOVER 2010)
    Christine Alewell, Elisabeth Herrmann, Annette Prechtel, Dorothea Wiesner, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Integrated Nitrogen Model for European Catchments (INCA)
    Jens Langusch, Birgit Maier, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Bedeutung verholzter Wurzelzonen für die Ionen- und Wasseraufnahme von Fichte, Buche und Eiche (BITÖK- A9)
    Julia Lindenmair, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Stabilization of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in mineral subsoils as indicated by spectroscopic properties and the Al saturation (DFG: CO2)
    Karsten Kalbitz, Juliane Schmerwitz, David Schwesig, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Indicators of material cycles in forest ecosystems (BITÖK-A12)
    Martin Armbruster, Jens Langusch, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • The turnover of organic N-compounds (DON) in a deciduous forest ecosystem (BITÖK-A11)
    Stephan Solinger, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • The effects of the activity of fine roots of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) on soil solution and solid phase (BITÖK-A10)
    Martin Braun, Antje Dieffenbach, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Uptake of nutrient cations by forest trees (DFG: Rhizosphäre)
    Birgitta Brunner, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Growth deformation on douglas fir - diagnostic fertilization with boron and molybdenum (FVA-DOUGLASIE)
    Christel Bihl, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Turnover of mercury and methyl mercury in forested catchments (DFG: Hg-Wald)
    Ortrun Krebs, David Schwesig, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Dynamics of material cycles in forest ecosystems at different space and time scales (BITÖK-A13)
    Christine Alewell, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • The role of different root zones in ion and water uptake of mature spruce trees (BITÖK-A 9)
    Axel Göttlein, Julia Lindenmair, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Stickstoff als Faktor der Humusstabilität in Waldböden (DFG: Humus)
    Kerstin Michel, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Potential Effects of Climatic Changes on Soil water Status and Drought Stress Susceptability of Norway Spruce Stands in the German Alps (BayForKlim-W2)
    Bernhard Manderscheid, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Micro lysimetry as a tool for studying soil solution chemistry in the vicinity of growing roots (BITÖK-N 8)
    Antje Dieffenbach, Axel Göttlein, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Effects of decreasing SO42-, Ca2+, and Mg2+ deposition on the cation exchange capacity and the base saturation of acid forest soils (BITÖK-S 7)
    Gunda Matschonat, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Role of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Compounds (DON) in the Nitrogen Cycle of Forest Ecosystems (BITÖK-N 1)
    Beate Michalzik, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Production and Transport of organic solutes: Effects of natural climatic variation (PROTOS) (PROTOS)
    Birgitta Brunner, Beate Michalzik, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • Effect of stem runoff and stem-runoff-affected soil on the turnover of nitrogen in beech stands - soil chemistry (BITÖK-N 9.1)
    Shih-Chieh Chang, Egbert Matzner [Details]

  • The role of SO4-Reduction and spatial Heterogeneity of Soil SO4 Pools for the Reversibility of Soil and Water Acidification (BITÖK-S 6)
    Christine Alewell, Claudia Jungnickel, Bernhard Manderscheid, Thomas Schweisser, Egbert Matzner [Details]

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