Running Projects

Elevational replacement, higher tropical mountain passes and isolated sky islands: untangling neutral and adaptive processes driving radiation of Andean Apocynaceae03/2021-03/2024Y. Melissa Pineda, Ulrich Meve, Nicolai M. Nürk, Sigrid Liede-Schumann
DFG: Defining archetypal transit time distributions and their dynamics in real-world catchments02/2021-01/2024Ingo Heidbüchel, Jan Fleckenstein
StUMV: BayÖkotox Teilprojekt 402/2021-01/2023Heike Feldhaar, Christian Laforsch, Dieter Brüggemann
StUMV: BayÖkotox Teilprojekt 502/2021-01/2023Stephan Clemens, Walter Krenkel
A temperate radiation in a tropical plant family – factors underpinning evolution of the Eurasian Vincetoxicum (Apocynaceae) complex10/2020-09/2023Marco Mraulag, Nicolai M. Nürk, Ulrich Meve, Sigrid Liede-Schumann
Characterizing ultrafine particles in air close to Munich Airport08/2020-07/2023Julius Seidler, Markus Friedrich, Anke Nölscher
DiMoC - Diversity components in mosquito-borne diseases in face of climate change03/2020-12/2023Ridwan A. Shittu, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Stephanie Thomas
Rhizosphere traits enhancing yield resilience to drought in modern cropping systems02/2020-01/2024Andreas Wild, Angelika Mergner, Johanna Pausch
SFB 1357 TPB01: Physikalisch-chemische Gesetzmäßigkeiten der Wechselwirkungen an und mit Mikroplastik-Partikeln in wässriger Lösung01/2020-12/2022Johanna Schmidtmann, Georg Papastavrou, Stefan Peiffer, Jürgen Senker
AQUAKLIF / Teilprojekt 7 / Implementierung und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit01/2020-12/2022Birgit Thies, Stefan Peiffer
SFB 1357 TPB02: Verhalten und Transport von Mikroplastik in der strömungsarmen Wassersäule10/2019-11/2022Hassan Elagami, Ben Gilfedder, Jan Fleckenstein, Martin Obst, Sven Frei
The ecological role of silicon in tropical forests: effects on plant nutrient stochiometry, drought resistance and herbivory09/2019-08/2022Marius Klotz, Bettina Engelbrecht, Jörg Schaller
Selenate reduction by sulfided zero iron09/2019-09/2021Bouchra Marouane, Stefan Peiffer
BMBF Bioeconomy International 2017: Challenges and chances associated with the detection of novel arsenic species in paddy soils for producing arsenic-safe rice07/2019-06/2022Alan Nicol, Britta Planer-Friedrich, Stephan Clemens
Demonstrationsprojekt Silphie-Anbau im Projektgebiet Nördliche Frankenalb05/2019-12/2023Reinhard Wesinger (GeoTeam), Marianne Lauerer, Johanna Pausch
E-SHAPE05/2019-04/2023Jan-Christopher Fischer, Frank Weiser, Carl Beierkuhnlein
P-TRAP / Teilprojekt 1 / Development of an on-site phosphorus retention technology03/2019-02/2023Stefan Peiffer, Thilo Behrends
P-TRAP / Teilprojekt 9 / Studying the effect of Fe addition to sediments on the sedimentary biogeochemical processes03/2019-02/2023Karel As, Stefan Peiffer, Thilo Behrends
AQUAKLIF / Teilprojekt 3 / Einfluss multipler Stressoren auf N, C und Fe Umsätze in der hyporheischen Zone02/2019-01/2022Carolin Hiller, Stefan Peiffer
Behaviour and transport of microplastic in Lakes01/2019-01/2023Ben Gilfedder, Martin Obst, Jan Fleckenstein
Behaviour and transport of microplastic in stream and groundwater systems01/2019-01/2023Sven Frei, Ben Gilfedder, Jan Fleckenstein
SFB1357: TPB03 Behavior of micro-plastic in fluvial systems01/2019-01/2022Taotao Lu, Jan-Pascal Boos, Sven Frei, Ben Gilfedder, Jan Fleckenstein
DFG Relevance and environmental fate of methylthiolated arsenates in geothermal waters12/2018-12/2022Britta Planer-Friedrich, Qinghai Guo
DeepEarthshape - Microbial element cycling as a driver of soil formation11/2018-12/2022Andrea Scheibe, Marie Spohn
AQUAKLIF TP5: Prognose und Analyse des Verhaltens kleiner Einzugsgebiete im Kontext des lokalen Klimawandels09/2018-09/2021Lisa Kaule, Usman Munir, Britta Aufgebauer, Sven Frei
Investigations on mycorrhizal associates and nutritional resources of mycoheterotrophic orchids in Taiwan09/2018-07/2023Franziska E. Zahn, Gerhard Gebauer
DFG Uptake, accumulation, and metabolic fate of thioarsenates in plants08/2018-10/2022Carolin Kerl, Andrea Colina Blanco, Stephan Clemens, Britta Planer-Friedrich
Uptake, accumulation, and metabolic fate of thioarsenates in plants08/2018-01/2022Stephan Clemens
Multiple stressors in stream in river systems in a changing climate: climatic effects on the C, N, Fe cycles and coupling with hydrology06/2018-06/2022Stefan Peiffer, Ben Gilfedder
The influence of topography and other natural factors on the mobilization of dissolved organic carbon in the Bavarian Forest National Park03/2018-06/2021Katharina Blaurock, Stefan Peiffer, Luisa Hopp, Ben Gilfedder, Jan Fleckenstein
Transport of New Environmental Pollutants in Porous Media: Micro-/nanoparticles10/2017-10/2021Taotao Lu, Stefan Peiffer, Sven Frei
Illuminating the dark side of surface meteorology: creating a novel framework to explain atmospheric transport and turbulent mixing in the weak-wind boundary layer05/2017-04/2022Karl Lapo, Shravan Kumar Muppa, Anita Freundorfer, Lena Pfister, Mohammad Abdoli, Johann Schneider, Christoph Thomas
SUSALPS - Sustainable use of alpine and pre-alpine grassland soils in a changing climate11/2015-10/2021
DroughtNet - International Drought Experiment04/2015-12/2021
NutNet - Nutrient Network01/2013-12/2021
Effects of disturbances on biodiversity at the landscape level01/2008-01/2022
EVENT - Effects of extreme weather events (drought, heavy rain, freeze-thaw cycles) and biodiversity on ecosystem function08/2006-12/2021
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Vorstellungsvorträge zur Besetzung der W3-Professur Bodenphysik
Th. 2021-05-20
Dialogforum Wasserkontroversen: Podium diskutiert zu Niedrigwasser
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Th. 2021-05-20
Investigating communal pathogen defense and its role in social evolution
Th. 2021-05-27
Tracking pesticide turnover in soils with stable isotope tracers
Th. 2021-06-10
Composition and Sources of (Secondary) Organic Aerosols in the Atmosphere: Past, Present and Future
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