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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Micrometeorology - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Courses taught

SS 2020
28175 Lecture: Meteorology
We.: 08:15-09:45, per Zoom
Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel
28351 Lecture: Advanced Micrometeorology: Exchange of carbon and energy at the air - vegetation - interface
Tu.: 14:15-15:45, per Zoom
Christoph Thomas
00550 Lecture/Exercise course: Transport Systems: Links and Fluxes of Energy and Matter between Atmosphere, Pedospere and Biosphere (GCE:A6)
We.: 10:15-11:45, Zoom; Field lab in Bot. Garden
Wolfgang Babel, Andrea Carminati, Mutez Ali Ahmed, Andreas Kolb
28004 Seminar: Seminar for Micrometeorology and Atmospheric Chemistry
Mo.: 16:15-17:45, per Zoom
Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel, Anke Nölscher
28350 Seminar: Fundamental equations of environmental physics
Mo.: 14:00-16:00, per Zoom
Michael Hauhs, Christoph Thomas, Sven Frei
28180 Practical course: Physikalische Feldmethoden
Tu.: 08:00-17:00, Zoom; Messfeld im ÖBG
Wolfgang Babel, Christoph Thomas, Sven Frei, Andrea Carminati, Mohsen Zare, Oliver Archner, Stefan Holzheu, Johanna Pausch
28181 Practical course: Standortkundliche Feldmethoden
Fr.: 08:00-17:00, im Gelände
Ben Gilfedder, Wolfgang Babel, Christoph Thomas, Anke Jentsch, Klaus-Martin Moldenhauer, Ludwig Zöller, Klaus Bitzer, Alexander Guhr, Bernd Berauer, Andreas v. Heßberg, Samuel Hoffmann
00043 Exercise course: Exercises: Meteorology
We.: 14:15-15:45, per Zoom; Th.: 16:15-17:45, per Zoom
Wolfgang Babel
00314 Exercise course: Working on large data sets with R
Mo.: 08:15-09:45, per Zoom
Wolfgang Babel
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