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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Micrometeorology - Prof. Christoph Thomas

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Courses taught

WS 2020/2021
28204 Lecture: Applied Meteorology
Mo.: 10:15-11:45, per Zoom, Start: Nov 2; elearning
Wolfgang Babel, Johannes Lüers
28205 Lecture: Umweltmesstechnik
Tu.: 08:15-09:45, per Zoom, Start: Nov 3; elearning
Christoph Thomas
28301/ 00030 Lecture/Exercise course: Introduction to Micrometeorology
We.: 10:15-11:45, S135, NW III, Start: Nov 4 (Lecture: elearning); We.: 14:15-15:45, S21 (numerical lab: elearning)
Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel
28420 Lecture/Exercise course: Models in Micrometeorology: Carbon and water budgets from ecosystem to landscape scale (GM3/PM4/FM4)
Mo.: 08:15-09:45, PC-pool S24b, Start: Nov 2; elearning
Mathias Göckede, Wolfgang Babel
00222 Lecture/Seminar: Meteorologische Grundlagen erneuerbarer Energien
TBA, eine Woche im Februar/März; eLearning
Johannes Lüers, Christoph Thomas
28004 Seminar: Seminar for Micrometeorology and Atmospheric Chemistry
Mo.: 16:15-17:45, per Zoom, Start: Nov 9; elearning
Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel, Anke Nölscher
28352 Seminar/Excursion: Experimental micrometeorology: From design to interpretation of land surface exchange measurements, field course
two week block course in March/April in the Franconian Jura, Germany; introductory meeting: Nov 16, 16:15 per zoom; elearning
Christoph Thomas, Wolfgang Babel, Johannes Olesch
28206 Practical course: Atmosphärische Messtechnik
Tu.: 08:15-09:45, GEOI 104, Start: 22. Dezember; Vorbesprechung am Mi, 2.12., 12:00 s.t. per Zoom; elearning
Wolfgang Babel, Johannes Olesch
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