BFÖ 89: Reichstein, : Drought Effects on Carbon and Water Exchange in three Mediterranean Ecosystems (16 Euro)

Reichstein, (2001)

Drought is an important factor influencing ecological processes in a large portion of the world"s ecosystems. It is anticipated that in many of these ecosystems climatic change will not only imply increased temperatures and CO2 concentrations but also enhanced drought stress. In the current study, which evolved as a part of the EU project MEDEFLU, drought effects on ecosystem-atmosphere car-bon dioxide and water exchange are observed with eddy covariance and sap-flow techniques and examined via top-down, bottom-up and inverse modelling approaches in three Mediterranean woody ecosystems. It is shown that current models do not adequately describe drought effects on soil/ecosystem respiration and canopy function and lead to considerable errors when calculating ecosystem carbon balances. Thus, new model formulations are proposed and confirmed by the observed data. Incorporating these approaches in landscape, regional and global models is suggested after further testing. This will improve predictions of future carbon balances in regions influenced by drought, an area which makes up more than 40% of the terrestrial surface.
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